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Often times when folks set out to build something, they’re responding to a specific need. For instance, if you’re short some storage space, you might decide a spiffy new bookcase is in order. We always applaud the functional and levelheaded approach to project selection, but we also dig the downright silly and immature ones. Take the donut machine — no one needs one of these machines, but I can’t think of a guy within a 100 mile radius who wouldn’t at least stop and holler when it starts doing its thing.

There’s a bit of poetry in building a rig like this. Not only does it shred up some perfectly good rubber and asphalt, it could potentially get the neighbors ticked off enough to call the cops on you. Hats off and beers up to whoever decided this was a good idea.

Now, pour some bleach under that tire, and get down to business.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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