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If you don’t know, ask. I ask lots of questions — because I don’t know everything — and my inquisitive nature recently led to a badass experience at the metal yard we frequent.

Last week I started chatting with the the gentleman working the counter at the steel yard. When I mentioned we were building a rig to break some tools, he told me the steel yard crew is really hard on their tools, so they’ve found a great supplier for big ticket items like magnetic drills. I immediately asked, “What’s a magnetic drill?,” and he rewarded my question with a delightful demonstration of the tool.

While we were talking I asked about a lion that was sitting in the front office, a design similar to Bob the Dinosaur. That question led to a tour of the shop, where I got to check out the CNC projects they’ve been working on, including some big steel bugs — clearly worth a few moment’s conversation in coolness alone.

These guys know their stuff and can help out with advice on what stock to buy and how to make it easier on the wallet. For instance, by asking a few questions, the Toolmonger crew found out long ago that a few lengths of 6″ flat bar can replace plate in some cases, and it’s cheaper.

So get out there and ask some questions — in addition to the answers you’re looking for, you might also find a few sweet surprises.

Photo posted on Flickr by Paul Goyette.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Editorial: Asking Questions Is A Good Thing

  1. Frank Townend says:

    Great post J.R.; sage advice. I might guess we all get burned when we ask a question at HD and may have forgotten the guys who are gems where the “big boys” shop.

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