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SK Replaceable Tip Hammer

Recently SK Hand Tools released their nine-piece No-Sparking and Non-Marring Replaceable-Tip Dead-Blow Hammer Kit. The mallet accepts two screw-on replacement tips, and SK incorporates a non-slip grip and a flanged-butt into the handle to keep the hammer in your hands, not flying across the room.

The kit includes eight color-coded replacement tips: super-soft, soft, medium, tough, medium-hard, hard, extra-hard, and brass face. All eight tips and the hammer fit snugly in an included molded-plastic case.

SK sells the kit in their online store for $140, but they have none in stock. Another retailer has marked the kit down to a more realistic $80.

Replaceable Tip Hammer Set [SK Hand Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


10 Responses to Replaceable-Tip Dead-Blow Hammer

  1. Old Donn says:

    Pass. I’ve never had very good luck with anything SK.

  2. fred says:

    Re Old Donn Says:

    When SK was SK-Wayne and was part of Dresser Industries – they made an industrial line of tools that was first rate. I have a number of 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch wrenches that will not quit – every bit the equal of Armstrong or Williams – and cost me a lot less than what the Snap-On would have. Then when they got to be part of the Facom group – there was talk that some of the great Facom design philosophy would rub off – wishful thinking – when they were acquired by Stanley and all production moved to Taiwan.

  3. ToolFreak says:

    SK makes some great stuff, never had a problem with their tools, it’s just their retail prices are CRAZY. I know Snap-on and MAC are even higher, sure, but simply pricing your stuff high doesn’t give your stuff status. Maybe FACOM is to blame, their stuff being at the top of the all-time overpriced tools.

  4. TopToolGuy says:

    I am not sure what Old Donn is talking about because virtually all of SK’s tools are still made in the USA. The only products they make overseas are the G-Pro ratcheting wrenches and the Pro-Gun Air tools and there is not one other manufacturer that is making these 100% in the USA.
    SK is one of the few companies that is coming out with new items that I can use and can count on. At least as good as the Mac, Matco, Snap-on stuff and its cheaper – better value.

  5. fred says:

    Re: TopToolGuy Says:

    I stand corrected about everything moving to Taiwan – was probably thinking about Gearwrench and KD

  6. Ben says:

    That’s a rebranded Nupla deadblow hammer set. Pretty nice stuff actually, and I paid way way less than $140 for mine.

  7. Stacey says:

    SK is making only 20% of their product in the US. The rest is made in China such as their key product GPRO. At this price level I would rather buy Gearwrench which is 30% cheaper.

    Also I heard SK is again in financial troubles.

  8. GB says:

    Stacey: WRONG. Everything from S-K is made in USA or France, the G-Pro ratcheting wrenches are from Taiwan, just like Gearwrench, Blue-Point, and most others. Probably has something to do with patents.

    GEARWRENCH is completely made in CHINA and TAIWAN. Go to Sears or Advance and look at a GEARWRENCH socket “Made in CHINA for Danaher Corp. ALL S-K sockets, ratchets, extensions, non-ratcheting wrenches, etc. are made in Chicago or Defiance, OH.

    And when you quote percentages out of nowhere like that, you automatically don’t know what your talking about

  9. jim says:

    gb doesnt know whay he thinks he does.sk is infact failling again.the stuff is junky and over priced gb bluepoint is somewhat made in taiwan china and the us some is even made by kd, proto,and others to snapons specs

  10. Ryan says:

    I got one at Fastenal for cheap and its a good product. I recommend it to whoever is looking for good quality at a resonable price

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