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Sometimes coolness can sway our opinion. In the case of reader Frank Kozik’s shop, two factors won us over. The first was his reassurance that his shop is much messier now than it was the day he completed it, when this picture was taken. As some of you know, we have a fondness for messy work areas, because it means work is getting done.

Take a look under the center of the workbench for the second reason we dig this shop. That, friends, is a Tiger tank, and it brings a smile to my face. If I knew nothing else about Frank, that alone would give me a good opinion of him. For more evidence of this shop’s sweetness, you need only look on top of the bench to find an AT-AT — might I add a hearty booyah?

This workshop clearly belongs to a man with class and discernment.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


14 Responses to Reader Shop: Frank Kozik’s Shop

  1. MikeT says:

    Ooh, shiny! That is one seriously nice-looking shop.

  2. KaiserM715 says:

    I am having some serious shop envy. Really cool shop.

  3. gillsans says:

    Frank Kozik the poster artist?

  4. frank kozik says:

    yep. Toolmonger is an awesome site. read it every day.

  5. Wow, beautiful front office, upper shop with bird’s-eye-view of the lower shop… where’s the cot? ’cause I’d never leave that place.

  6. Flea Bomb says:

    hey Frank,

    I have all three of your poster books! Now that I see your new shop, you really are THE MAN.

    Question, are “vinyl” toys made out of PVC? You know that sh*t is killing us all.

  7. frank kozik says:

    yes, they are pure pvc and outgas huge amounts of solvents over time.

  8. SystemsMaster says:

    OK, I give – what is an AT-AT? Truly a first rate shop. I have to keep a towel in hand at the moment (drooling).

  9. Wow! Is this The Frank Kozik workshop? I’m current ride a Frank Kozik Ronald Reagan Skateboard at the moment.

  10. gush says:

    Wow! Awesome!

    Big fan of your work.

    Love the Labbits, Smokey and the other stuff you do with KidRobot.

  11. frank kozik says:


    an AT-AT is a huge armored walker used by the Empire to destroy small furry creatures and the occasional human Rebel fighter. That one is a Master replcas one I am customizing with a jillion little extra pirces to look like it was a WW2 german one…….

  12. Flea Bomb says:

    Frank, you should charge for shop tours. We’ll all line up!

    BTW, is there any movement in the industry to make vinyl toys out of a safer alternative?

    (remember tool kids out there, safety first: PVC + Flame = Dioxins)

    Good times!

  13. dawson says:

    Should not have to explain what an AT-AT is!!!!

  14. eschoendorff says:

    Just…. wow. Very cool stuff.

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