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Paladin's PowerBlade

Not only did Paladin include a SOG beveled-edge blade on this specially designed electrician’s knife, but they also packed 11 different wire strippers into the handle. If you do any electrical work, you might want to add this knife to your tool pouch.

The 3″ cryogenically heat-treated blade folds out of the 4-1/2″ Zytel handle and locks open when in use. The patent-pending wire and cable strippers can strip 10 to 22 AWG solid and stranded wire and .150″ to .250″ cable. The UTP stripper features a spring-loaded blade and v-notch which adjusts to strip the jacket from twisted-pair wire such as CAT5 cable.

Look to part with $60 if this is a knife you have to own.

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  1. eschoendorff says:

    For $60, it better not be made in China….

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