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Toolmonger Sean O’Hara has wanted a bulldozer since he was a kid; maybe the tracks are the common theme, but in an unprecedented statement Sean has rated this lettuce harvester as a tie with a bulldozer for which he would get first! The “Headrazor” lettuce harvester sports all stainless steel construction, for easy removal of lettuce guts, and you can slide the walkways and canopy in and out to easily transition between transport mode and lettuce destructor mode.

I didn’t find pricing on the site, but I’m sure Ramsay Highlander will provide you with a price quote if you want a Headraiser of your very own.

Headraiser [Ramsay Highlander]


2 Responses to Lettuce Harvester: Better Than A Bulldozer?

  1. PutnamEco says:

    I’m surprised that we don’t have a heavy equipment theme park like the UKs Diggerland or Germanys Monster Park. I know a park like that would go over big in here in Florida.

    Loaders are more fun than dozers.

  2. Tony Clifton says:

    If you’ve ever read Tim Allen’s books, he has a whole chapter in one of them (IIRC “Don’t Stand too Close to a Naked Man”) devoted to building such a theme park.

    I hope someone does it someday.

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