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Talk about carpet-pulling overkill! We recently posted about the Shop Fox carpet puller, a pretty reasonable specialty tool — now we give you a killer unreasonable one. This tool, designed for lifting carpeted raised-floor panels, runs $110, which might be a good deal if you pull such panels daily. Also, it looks like a wicked torture device; if you like to hang dangerous looking tools on your pegboard, this ominous dude could enhance your collection.

Carpet Panel Lifter [Data Clean]


4 Responses to Heavy-Duty Carpet Puller

  1. fred says:

    I guess that we’ve been lucky that all of the computer rooms that we’ve ever worked on were either in the roughing-in stage (panels not yet installed) or the facility owner had the panel lifters. I don’t recall any that were carpeted – mostly tiled. But we have gotten work running chilled water lines which seems to be the new thing for mainframe computer cooling.

  2. ChrisW says:

    At work I have to lift carpeted tiles often, but we have 18″ carpet glued over 24″ tiles. So we have to peel back between four and nine carpet squares to lift just one tile. And then find out you’re off by a couple of tiles! D’oh!

  3. Zathrus says:

    I’ve never seen a carpeted raised floor tile — where do you work ChrisW?

    Oh, and fred — it’s humorous that water cooling is the old new thing. Water cooling was used extensively in large computers in the 60s and 70s (and a bit in the 80s), but then faded out as systems became more efficient.

    It’s coming back now because the chips are being packed into such tight enclosures that there just isn’t room for sufficient air cooling, or it just isn’t effective enough.

    Of course, the outages due to a burst pipe are coming back too… when I went to college they had to shut down the primary campus computer facilities (and much of the southeast Internet backbone) because water pipe that cooled one of the older systems burst and flooded the machine room.

  4. Dr Bob says:

    We have one of these, but no longer have the carpeted raised floor tiles.

    We had system machine room space which was converted to office space (thus the carpet) then in the last remodeling, the space was retiled with the normal uncarpeted tiles.

    I learned very quickly to not have my arm at my side with that thing – those points are darn sharp!

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