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Battery Testing Tweezers

These may not be the best tweezers on the market, but they have one cool feature: touch the tips of these 5″ long tweezers to the terminals of any 1.5V battery, and the LED in the handle will tell you if the battery is charged or dead.

New or fully charged batteries will make the light glow brightly, whereas weak batteries will only make the light glow dimly. Dead batteries won’t make the light glow at all — of course. Use the tweezers with AA, AAA, hearing aid, button, or any other 1.5V battery. Oh yeah, you can pick small objects up with them too.

These battery-testing tweezers will only set you back $4.

Battery-Testing Tweezer [Jack’s Tool Shed]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to Battery-Testing Tweezers

  1. Jim K. says:

    I almost thought these were cool enough to justify purchasing. But really a simple meter is so much more useful and not much bigger. Seems like one of those tools that I’d wind up selling at a garage sale someday realizing I never used it.

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