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The Tiger Claw reciprocating saw features a “3-D” joint that rotates at two different points, making it extremely flexible. It allows you to get at your work more easily, even if it’s between or behind a bunch of studs, pipes, or cables. It’s made by a company called Flex Power Tools, so what else would you expect?

The saw’s rear gear housing adjusts up to 180 degrees with 13 positive stop locations, and the front gear housing scrolls 360 degrees with 12 positive stop locations. A tool-less blade change mechanism makes blade-changing nice and fast. It also accepts regular jigsaw blades, and you can convert the saw into a semi-jigsaw. The saw support can telescope three inches, allowing you to rest the saw against your work for less vibration and a cleaner cut.


Now for the bad news: I can’t find this saw for sale anywhere in the US, only at German online retailers with a price around 430 Euros. That’s $664 US — yikes. FLEX, a German company, does sell to distributors in the US, but they don’t offer their line of saws, mostly just sanders and grinders. If I find this saw anywhere in the US, I’ll post it in comments.

Tiger Claw Recip Saw [FLEX]
FLEX North America [Corporate Site]
[Master Wholesale]


3 Responses to An Uber-Flexible Reciprocating Saw

  1. fred says:

    We tried one of the Porter Cable variants of this – when it was introduced. We did not find it to be a breakthrough in convenience or anything else. We continue to stay with our Milwaukees – although I’ve seen some good comments about the Makita.

  2. Joe Birmingham says:

    That is a Porter-Cable model. That must just be how they are branding it in Germany. Porter-Cable even call it is a Tiger Claw too.

    A couple of years ago there was a Craftsman version of this. I picked one up on clearance. The Craftsman version even had one more point of rotation back by the handle. Otherwise, it was the same saw as the Porter Cable. It has been a great saw but I would not encourage anyone to buy one unless they regularly work in tight spaces. This tool adds a lot of additional weight and can be tiring if you have lots of demo to do.

  3. l_bilyk says:

    I was always under the impression that PC actually made this saw, whereas FLEX made all the grinders and polishers for PC

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