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Bowl Gauge

I’m not into wood turning, but I know a cool looking tool when I see one. The Gage’T may look like a deformed plastic C-clamp, but really this tool measures the wall thickness of turned bowls. Designed by Keith Tompkins, the offset design of the Gage’T allows you to measure to the center of bowls up to 18″ in diameter.

A glass-filled nylon body holds one brass gauge pin stationary while the second pin rides the wall of the bowl on a spring-loaded steel rod. Etched graduated markings on the rod show the bowl thickness in 1/16″ increments. You can gauge bowls with walls as thick as 2″.

The Gage’T bowl gauge will run you about $70.

Gage’T Bowl Gauge
[Official Site]
Gage’T Bowl Gauge [Hartville Tool]


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