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FastCap Layout Tape

At some point, drilling shelf-pin holes became rocket science. You’d think most woodworkers would have enough skill to lay out a line of equally spaced holes, but it seems everybody has a trick or a new product to save us from our shortcomings. To give us yet another way of laying out equally spaced holes, FastCap created their layout tape.

FastCap’s layout tape helps you quickly and accurately position the holes when you’re installing adjustable shelves or hinge plates for small projects. The tape’s 5mm hole markings are spaced 32mm apart, with one row of markings located 35mm from the tape edge and another row 37mm from the edge. Simply line up the tape, and drill your holes.

According to FastCap’s website, a 60′ roll of layout tape will run you $15.

Layout Tape [FastCap]


4 Responses to Preview: FastCap Layout Tape

  1. Davo says:


  2. Jude says:

    Now that’s something I wish I would have invented!

  3. mpm32 says:

    Whenever I’ve had to lay out shelf pin holes I use a piece of pegboard.

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Festool make a nice shelf pin hole guide system for use with their routers. If your inclined to go that way.

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