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Milwaukee Cap

Many companies offer clothing branded with their name or logo — tool companies are no different. The company-branded gear flooding the market ranges from free promotional hats to rather expensive jackets.

From a company’s standpoint, branded clothing functions as a cheap advertising tool — or better than cheap, if they can make a profit selling it. But why do we willingly act as billboards, sometimes even paying for the privilege?

Do you proudly wear company-branded clothing, or do you rue the idea of being a walking billboard? Let us know your opinion in the comments.


22 Responses to Hot or Not? Company-Branded Clothing

  1. Mike says:

    Not if you paid for it. Even then, it’s pretty iffy.

  2. Jay A says:

    I think there are a few different ways to look at this. If you have a small business, say a plumbing company, with limited marketing budget & time a nice black Ridgid polo may add a professional appearance, and would probably be worth paying a few bucks. For everyday wear I am happy to wear brands I use/support such as Milwaukee but I am far more reluctant to pay top dollar for them.

  3. Jimmy says:

    NOT…I loathe name branding on my clothing. Unless it’s a cool hat. And free. Oh…or it says Hurst or Amkus on it. Actually…I’d wear a free hat that says Amkus on it to church. Of course I’d settle for a free t-shirt that says Amkus too.

  4. mike t says:

    Im a painting contractor who wears free (usually s&w) paint store t shirts, when they get full of paint and nasty which is pretty quick, i get more free ones.

  5. Fredex says:

    Look up Dunbrooke’s catalog on the web at http://dunbrooke.com/

    Dunbrooke is a Reebok company that makes corporate logowear exclusively. I looked them up after I bought one of their ski jackets at a rummage sale. On a scale of cap to polo shirt this jacket is waay past eleven.

    It says “Buddig” in discrete silver embroidery. I can live with that.

  6. Fredex says:

    Then again, I once had a lot of clothing with the name brand “U. S. ARMY.”

    I didn’t buy any green clothing for twenty years after that.

  7. Chuck says:

    More than willing to wear gimmes, but NEVER going to pay for the privilege. Shoot, I had a feed & seed cap from Corsicana, TX that lasted years of almost daily wear. It kills me to see all the trendy kids wearing Deere stuff. Used to be, you had to buy a tractor to get a hat.

  8. Jude says:

    Hey, a free hat is a free hat. Why ruin one that I purchased. Having said that I’d never buy one.

  9. Toolaremia says:

    I wear my share of company-branded clothing. But never in a professional setting (unless I’m selling it), and never from a brand I think is crap. You’ll never see me in a Ford or Cisco hat or shirt. You might see me in a Craftsman or Toyo or SMC shirt or hat. (I might break the rule for Harbor Fright. 😉

    Even so, I never pay for it. Why should I pay to advertise for them?

  10. Norton155 says:

    One of my favorite Tshirts is black with a red Snap On logo across the chest. I bought it for $4 at a Steve and Barry’s. Free advertising for them? Maybe, but I pretty sure very few people care about high end hand tools at my school which is pretty much the only place I wear Tshirts. What If someone is a huge Nascar fan. They go out and buy a Matt Kenseth Dewalt Tshirt, aren’t they jsut paying to become a walking billboard?

  11. Weldo says:

    I have *NEVER* worn clothes with anyone’s branding on them unless I got paid to do so. Which is to say never. Well, except my shoes. Getting those little logos off is a pain in the but. I do however wear a couple of t-shirts of defunct tech companies.

    I see young people all the time buying Nike shirts, Fuba hats, and what have you. What is with those people?

  12. MR P says:

    I have got a bunch of free T-shirts and hats that i got for free. i dont ever wear them but maybe i will one sweaty or painting day. one thing is forsure i wont pay for it. If they want me to be a advertisment they have to pay for it not me.

  13. Old Donn says:

    Maybe all of the above are exceptions, but I refuse to believe y’all got free caps with your Ford/Chevy/Dodge pickups. Or free Comp Cams or Edlebrock Tshirts when you took your classic car to the local cruise-in. And I KNOW y’all paid for your Harley Davidson swag, so let’s not get too carried away here.

  14. Pencilneck says:

    It is really each to his/her own… I’m a hardcore VW buff and 85% of my t shirts have a VW logo on them. But if you drive a Ford (snicker snicker) then my shirt collection wouldn’t be as great.

    I’d never wear a Snap-On shirt or Stanley Tools ball cap… but if a person likes the products and get a free bit of swag, then HOT.

    Any good swag from the Schaeffler Group? They may great bearings so surely they have a shirt with a product name in big bold print across the chest…. dare say not many takers… shame.

  15. Manny says:

    Branded or not, if the article of clothing is a high quality piece, it cost somebody, something to produce it. If I like it, I will pay for it. We pay anywhere from $40 – $150 for a pair of jeans. They have there leather tag branded right on the rear belt line. Same diff no? However, like most of us, I will not pay a high price any of it though.

  16. Terry says:

    I work in a tech job and refuse to wear any of the branded tshirts, polos or button-ups. Most of them say something stupid like “Follow me to the Internet”. But, I’d love to get some free tool branded hats or polos. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear that stuff to work to express my love for tools. In fact, where can I find some free tool schwag?

  17. CyberKender says:

    Not. While I don’t mind a logo on the pocket, or something small and discrete, branding is out of hand. If I’m going to walk around with your company’s name emblazoned across my back in 3″ letters, I want to be paid to be your billboard. This goes double for clothing manufacturers.

  18. Donny B says:

    What I find very interesting is that there is so much anomocity towards branding, yet as Chuck C. has pointed out so many times is that people come up to Him and Sean and say “My old…….is better that this ” Brands may be over bearing in todays market, however there is a strong propencity to be loyal to tool companies. Loyalty in business has dies, even loyalty in sports is cometimes questionable….. how many new GIANTS fans are there now that they won the super bowl. We as humans come to expect a certain set of ideals from brands…. I.E. Snap ON = Made in USA (excpet theose gloves and flashlights haa haa haa haa) so we wear there gear with pride because we are fond of thier tools. Wear them if you wish, I like what Jay A. said. If a Plumber came to your house (Of course he should not have to after Sean’s rendition of the home plumber in a previous PODCAST) would you rather have him in a nice “SEARS” or “MAC” shirt or would you like him in his plain color t-shirt from walmart. Professionalism is perspective…

    That being said……. I use the freebies for shop shirts. So if you don’t like branding DON’T COME TO MY SHOP………..

    I would say Free/ under $5 = Hot

    $20 = NOT (aka the best example = Harley Davidson)

  19. fuzzmanmatt says:

    I wear my company logo with pride, and I get all kinds of promotional gear, from keychains to hats to shirts, from the vendors who supply me. I don’t wear their gear at work, but I’ll wear it on my off days, wear it to events like drag races and car shows, show my support for Mothers products, my support for Comp Cams, but I don’t mix branding when I wear it.

  20. techguy says:

    I will wear quality products logos i support and that support me. I will not wear products that are totally overmarketed. Harley Davidson is a prime example. I cant look at 10 cars or people in public and not see a Harley Davidson logo. There marketing team must make a fortune. I get tired of seeing it, every place by every form of human being( Oulaw Biker to Corporate Attorney) Certain tool companies have the same saturation in the market. I like and use Snap -On tools but I dont have the $300 Jacket maybe the hat and stickers.
    Too many advertisingmongers

  21. ambush27 says:

    I’ve gotten some really nice free gear. I wouldn’t pay a fortune for it though. I also wouldn’t wear anything I dislike.

  22. Coach James says:

    I know, old thread. I needed a 100% cotton hat to wear under my welding helmet. Sears had 100% cotton hats with Craftsman on the front for $5. That was a lot better than the >>$5 hats from the welding supply and the only other hats I could find were the ones with plastic mesh on them. So I now have a well used, dirty, singed Craftsman walking bill board.

    As far as shirts go, I only wear ones that have my own company logo on them.

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