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It’s Memorial Day at the Toolmonger shop and that means BBQ and beer wins out over shop work. To help you along on the road to good burgers and easy grilling take a look at a few posts that cover our favorite way to prepare food.

How-To: BBQ South African-Style
An awesome reader from South Africa named Freddie shows us how it’s done on the other side of the world. In short, big beef, big fire, big taste – we’re fans.

Hot or Not? Gas Grills (Vs. Charcoal)
The virtues of charcoal flame and gas powered grills still sets the grilling man to sing the praises of each.

What BBQ Tools Should Every Griller Own?
So you’ve picked your grill, now what? Try geeking out on some badass grilling tools.

Now if you’ll excuse us there’s a beer and some ground round that needs our attention.


7 Responses to Memorial Day: Grill Something

  1. Patriot1 says:

    Gezzz…what ever happened to Memorial Day being a time to remember those who gave their life for this great country… Leave it to Toolmonger to disgrace this as a way to BBQ and drink beer…

  2. Bill says:

    Patriot1, please don’t come trolling here too. Barbecueing and drinking beer doesn’t make you unpatriotic anymore than a screen name makes you patriotic, as I’ve told you elsewhere. Why just last easter I had wine with dinner and the church hasn’t excommunicated me yet and no one called me heathen either.
    (oops, I think I just fed the troll)

  3. Patriot1 says:

    The opening line “It’s Memorial Day at the Toolmonger shop and that means BBQ and beer…” is what I was talking about. Add in all the other ads we see on tv about deals on cars, matresses and what have you, it’s sad that sometime we forget about the true meaning behinds many of our holidays. As for a patriot…I served 24 years with the USAF and proud of it.

  4. TJ_Evens says:

    We did both . Went to see an Armed Forces Air Display that honered those that served and died . Then burgers and a few cold ones .

    Our 14 year old daughter asked her grandfathers help with some hand tools for a wood frame she is making . Into charcoal drawings lately we may have created a young toolmonger . She is not too keen on power tools execpt for a small router given to her .

    I certainly did’nt see any disrespect from her at all.

  5. Aaron says:


    I somewhat agree. I don’t think the folks at Toolmonger meant any harm, just an oversight. If I were to write it, it would be …”It’s Memorial Day – a time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great country. And at the Toolmonger shop, it also means BBQ and beer wins out over shop work.”

    Americans have been celebrating Memorial Day with BBQ and beer and many other ways for years. Yes, many of our holidays are overshadowed with marketing blitzes of all types. We count down shopping days till Christmas, Thanksgiving is all about the feast. I sat with one family and not once did they say grace or even acknowledge why they were having such a dinner. I can go on and on. I celebrated by attending a VFW ceremony in the morning and then did pretty much the same as most, light up the grill, ice down the brews and invite people over to feast and talk shop, tools and show off my garage and oversized tool box. Three of my neighbors are either active duty or retired military and so it was also in their honor…and they too enjoyed the food and beers knowing they protect our freedom to celebrate in the way we choose.

  6. Bill says:

    Well I have to apologize, and I meant no disrespect. I made the wrong assumption that Patriot1 was someone else, a different type of person just trolling to get people fired up and I was wrong. I do agree that the day is meant to remember our honored dead, and there is far more to patriotism than hanging out the flag once or twice a year. But I don’t think the toolmonger folks meant to be disrespectful or that their headline was disgraceful. Should they have prefaced it with mention of the meaning of the Holiday? Yes, has the country in general gone far afield from reverence for God and country? To be sure. But barbecueing and drinking beer on memorial day disgraces no one. If I should ever fall in the line of duty, I hope others will remember me on that day with cheer, drink a pint in my memory and tell funny stories about me, and on Sep 11 I say a prayer for the souls of my fallen brethren and the comfort of their families, but I also hoist a pint in their memory. It is important to remember the fallen with solemnity and honor, but it is just as important to live on and enjoy with as much hapiness as we can every day, the lives that they died protecting and defending, to do any less would truly dishonor their loss, for we will have squandered what the have gifted to us.

  7. Kurt Schwind says:

    *after a brief moment of silence to pay respects*

    Back to what we did on the Q.

    At our house, I did some corn on the cob along with some pork tenderloins. I was pretty heavy on the wood chips because I wanted a nice smokey aroma.

    It was kind of low-key but that’s what the family wanted me to do. I was thinking ribs, but maybe I’ll do that next weekend.

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