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Veritas Bench Anchors

If you’ve ever wondered why there are a bunch of 3/4″ holes in your workbench, Lee Valley sells one answer. Their patent-pending Veritas bench anchors turn those holes into a good purchase for any 1/2-13 bolt or threaded rod.

The removable and reusable all-steel bench anchors wedge into through-holes 5/8″ or thicker, or into blind holes at least 1-1/4″ deep, giving you 3/8″ of threads in your bench-dog holes to attach jigs or stops to your workbench.

When you insert the anchor into the hole, a rubber o-ring temporarily holds the anchor in place with friction until you can wedge it into place by turning the internal hex-head screw. Lee Valley has tested the anchor’s pullout strength and found it to be 200 lbs in hardwoods and 150 lbs in softwoods. They recommend not using hex head fasteners, because you can apply enough torque to dislodge the anchor.

Bench Anchor Diagram

Lee Valley sells single bench anchors for $12 and five or more anchors for $10 apiece.  They also sell various-sized fasteners to use with the bench anchors.

Bench Anchors [Lee Valley]


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  1. Frank Townend says:

    While I am sure I will eventually, right now I don’t have the heart to drill bench-dog holes in my workbench. Give me time.

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