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The average DIYer won’t need to pick up a flooring nailer more than once a decade, but if you install floors for a living, you might want to check out Primatech’s heavy-duty, automatic P240.  You can strike the large head cap from any angle to set the nail, and Primatech boasts that the compact firing valve will get the tool tip 4-1/2″ closer to the end wall, saving you a lot of manual labor and time.

I found it online for $535, only a little higher than other pneumatic flooring nailers.

P240 Flooring Nailer [Primatech]
P240 Flooring Nailer [Harvester]


One Response to Primatech Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

  1. fred says:

    We do quite a little bit of flooring. This looks like a professional tool – but I’ve never tried one out. I would be interested in hearing from those who use it.
    For some reason (call me peculiar) I’ve purchased only Bostitch Staplers (e.g. LHF97125-2, MIIIFS and SX150-BHF-2) and only Porta-Nails (our old manual ones still bear the Rockwell name) manual and pneumatic nailers. We also have a Porta-Nails pneumatic T-Nailer (460) for fastening wood to concrete – which supplements our PAT’s

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