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Festool Gecko Set

With the Gecko suction cup holder from Festool, you can lift and carry loads with smooth, non-porous surfaces that weigh over 100 lbs — pretty cool.  Add the guide rail adapter to all that coolness, and you can hold Festool guide rails on any surface that the Gecko will cling to, without using clamps.

The Gecko’s sturdy frame supports a suction cup on either end and a handle in the middle. Each suction cup features a securing lever and a sliding ring beneath the cup to prevent it from sticking when the levers are released.

The set together runs $65. If you were to buy the Gecko and the guide rail adapter separately, it would run you $57 for the Gecko and $18 for the guide. Buying the set saves you $10.

Gecko Set
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One Response to Gecko Grips Slick Surfaces

  1. Jim K. says:

    When I was doing more museum work these quickly became one of my favorite tools when doing installations. We had one particular install that required you to install 8’x4′ sheets of glass and without these that would have been a nightmare. Couple of tips for use- never place them with the suction cup side down onto a surface that might not be clean as they’ll pick up dirt which can cause a bad seal, don’t get dirt or grease onto the suction cups (watch where you handle them), and it never hurts to be a bit particular about the cleanliness of the surface where you’re attaching.

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