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Here’s another reason to dive into Bosch’s line of 10.8V cordless power tools: with the purchase of a PS10-2, PS20-2, or PS40-2, you can get a free PS20 via mail-in rebate. The free driver doesn’t come with a battery, but the various kits come with two.  Shop wisely and you can turn your dream of double-fisted PS20 action into a reality.  The deal is valid from May 15 to July 15, 2008.

Rebate Form [Bosch]
Bosch 10.8V Litheon Street Pricing [Google Products]


21 Responses to Dealmonger: Free Bosch PS-20

  1. bc says:

    cool, but when are they releasing their saw…

  2. Joe says:

    Gaaaah! I bought a PS-10 about a month and a half ago. Bastages!

    Still, I love my PS-10. I just used it to tear down and rebuild a datacenter a couple weeks ago. Great in tight spots, like inside 19″ rack cabinets.

  3. mike t says:

    Cool, i already have the i-driver, now i can buy the impact driver and get a free pocket driver!!!

    Does anyone here have experience with Bosch rebates?

  4. Michael W. says:

    This is an awesome early Christmas present, I just bought an Impactor PS40-2 on Saturday (the 17th). I just did the mad scramble to get the box and receipt (tonight’s garbage night).
    Thanks for the timely post!

  5. mike t says:

    The cheapest place i found the impactor was on amazon. This rebate would work if i bought it there right???

  6. Eric Dykstra says:

    mike, as long as the box has a UPC on it and you’ve got a recipe I don’t see why not. The question I have is weather a refurbed unit would work. (being the cheap ass i am) You might notice i do a lot of posts on these guys, the reason being I really want to buy one! or two.

    bc, I’ve been led to believe that new stuff in the Litheon 10.8v line is right around the corner. Like in the 6 to 8 week range.

    Joe, Do you still have the box? might be worth a try 🙂

    So what should i get, the PS-10 or the PS-40?

  7. Mr P says:

    Re Eric

    I have the PS-40 and I have the PS-10 and PS-20 n the mail. If you dont have a impact driver yet I would go for the PS-40 and use a right angle attachment if you need the ability of the PS-10 once in a wail.

  8. mike t says:

    by new stuff are you refering more to improved drivers or new different tools powered by litheon 10.8???? Im cheap to so i might buy the old stuff anyways..

    I know that these 10.8 driver will be obsolete in few years when higher power lithium batteries are common. These hold alot of energy but they cant charge or discharge it at high rates, newer better lithium chemistries are overcoming that problem.

    I love the i driver, so usefull in so many situations, unforunately the hinging part is now loose after using it a real lot, thers alot of play, it isnt a problem removing screws but its annoying when starting to drill a hole.

    Its amazon impactor im looking at is not refurbished its new, i could email them to see if a upc is included or just order with amazons free shipping and free return shipping long and find out lol.

  9. Eric Dykstra says:

    mike t,

    The PR guy i talked to was intentionally vague, but i got the impression that there will be new tools added to the line. maybe a small recip saw or maybe a sander? I wish he would have told me.

    I don’t see why the drivers would become obsolete unless they change the shape of the battery. 10.8 volts is 10.8 volts. They might sell new cells with the new technology or it might be done by the after market.

  10. mike t says:

    You are right, they could design future batteries to say, charge in under a minute and allow the future drivers to reach much higher torque ,but yet still be backwards compatible with older 10.8 litheon tools.

  11. gush says:

    aw man! I just bought the i-Driver and the impact driver last month!

    I’d better check if the local store still has the drill/driver on sale, then I can gift that one and keep the free one for myself….had a smokin’ deal locally on the i-driver – got it for $80 at a big tool sale.

  12. Michael W. says:

    I believe they may be re-doing the line. Home Depot (where I bought my Impactor for $179 with a “Bonus” holster) had three of the PS20 Pocket Drivers for sale (on their sale table) for $99. Two were the plain jane PS20’s and one was a “Bonus Pack” that also came with the flashlight.
    This giveaway may simply be a way for them to thin down their stock of the earlier drivers.
    Regardless, it’s a great way to pick up a free tool that rocks!

  13. Michael W. says:

    Maybe they’re updating the Pocket Driver to include the three LED “light ring” that the Impactor has. It definitely gives out more useful light then the single LED that the current Pocket driver has.

  14. cb says:

    quick question. is there a reason to get an impactor and the ps-20 (aside from it’s free). i.e. what will the ps-20 do that the impactor can’t and vice-versa. thanks for any info.

    also, (as long as i’m asking questions), will either of them work as a drill?


  15. Mr P says:

    re Cb

    the impactor (PS-40) can do allot more than the PS-20 driver can do. Being that it a impact driver it has allot more torque and will releave strain on you wrist and strip screws much less than a drill. I persanaly now only use a drill for making holes. All screw driving is done with one of my three impact drivers
    800 in lbs /1300 in lbs / 300 ft lbs.

    Then again you don’t have a clutch setting on most impact drivers so if your used to having a clutch it takes some time to be converted to impact driving.

  16. Zathrus says:

    The one big downside of an impact driver over a regular driver is the noise — to the point that you should always wear hearing protection when using an impact driver.

    That may be a good reason to use a drill/driver in some cases… like when you’re trying to get Stuff Done while your kids are napping.

  17. Michael W. says:

    The PS20 is lighter than the PS40 (which is no heavyweight itself), it’s also a little slimmer. I find it easy to slip it in my front pants pocket.

    The PS20 is better suited to drive screws into cabinets and when using softer screws (think brass) than the PS40. Better control because of the variable trigger.

    Really getting a PS20 for free, after buying a PS40, is really a great deal. they both have a slightly different skill set and pair up nicely.

    I also noted that Bosch specifically advises not drilling with the PS40. I don’t know why that is unless the drills that come with 1/4 hex adapters tend to spin free from the adapters when “torqued” too fast (making them useless).

  18. MR P says:

    Re Michael
    The PS20 is better suited to drive screws into cabinets and when using softer screws (think brass) than the PS40. Better control because of the variable trigger.
    I found it best to use a impact diver in small brass screw so as not to cam out and strip it. And you do have control with the trigger of a impact driver.

    But i do agree with zathrus the PS40 is laud and since it’s a small impact driver it goes into impact mode faster and stays in it longer. When I have to drive more than 10 screws I take out a larger impact driver.

  19. ambush27 says:

    I suspect the driver will last longer on a charge and drive certain things faster, and for, say, drywall screws the clutch would be great…

  20. Clinton says:

    If you were planning to drive more than a few drywall screws you’d be better off with the impactor and a drywall screw bit

  21. Michael W. says:

    FYI my free Bosch PS20 came yesterday in the mail. That’s just about a month in turn around time.
    Way to go Bosch!

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