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The Steam Stripper makes heavy-duty restoration work easier, by harnessing this basic principle: heat and wet make things softer. At first I didn’t buy the idea of steam working on oil or latex paint; I generally think of these as waterproof.  But as I studied the website, it started making sense.  Tiny imperfections in the paint allow steam to get under the surface — and with old paint, you’re even more likely to find imperfections in the coat, whether from age or accidents.  Window Restoration Systems claims that their Steam Stripper actually works better with more layers of paint.

The Steam Stripper measures 72″ x 44″ x 2-1/2″ on the inside.  Though it’s designed for window sashes, it could probably also restore individual panels of large furniture. There isn’t any pricing on the site, but you can call or e-mail Window Restoration Systems if you’re interested.

Steam Stripper [Window Restoration Systems]


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