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Ideal 120-foot Fish Tape

If you ever remodel something, you’ll probably need to add or move an electrical outlet, and a fish tape’ll make that job a lot easier. No, a fish tape isn’t an adhesive for catching fish; it’s a steel tape that you “fish” through walls or floors — you attach your cable to the end of the fish tape, then retract the tape to pull the cable through the cavity. Ideal makes this 120′, 4.6-pound fish tape from high-grade steel, and it’s housed in a molded plastic case with a non-slip, oversized, finger-grip handle. Sears has marked it down to $30, so it won’t break your bank.

Tuff-Grip Fish Tape [Sears]
Tuff-Grip Fish Tape [Ideal]
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One Response to Dealmonger: Ideal Tuff-Grip 120′ Fish Tape $30

  1. marty says:

    i borrowed a ideal fish tape 1/4″ when it was given to me the man pulled it out alittle i saw he had a hard time. it was sprung how do i rewind this so it goes back to working right

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