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Snap-On Magnetic Colored Lights

Wouldn’t your rolling toolbox look bitchin’ with ground-effects lighting?  Snap-on seem to think so — they recently introduced a few colored light kits to pimp your toolbox.

The 23″ tubes attach to any ferrous surface with magnetic clamps.  UL-Listed in the US and Canada, each two-piece set is wired in series to use a single cord. Snap-on is a little sketchy on exactly how you power these lights, but from the specs it appears they come with an AC adapter of some sort.

Snap-on sells a set of two red lights, a set of two blue lights, or a single (dual?) green light for $90 on their website. This seems a bit pricey considering you can get kits like this to pimp your computer for a third the cost. Maybe you’re paying for the magnetic mounting, but more likely you’re paying for the Snap-on name.

Note: The page for the green lights contradicts itself — the title says it’s only a single light, but the description is for dual lights.  So if you’re ordering I’d double-check with Snap-on.

Blue Magnetic Light Two-Pack [Snap-on]
Red Magnetic Light Two-Pack [Snap-on]
Green Magnetic Light Single(?) [Snap-on]


3 Responses to Pimp Your Toolbox Snap-on Style

  1. fuzzmanmatt says:

    Snap-on has got to be hurting bad. I’ve started to carry some of their products in my store, and I’ve never seen anything of theirs in retail before. And you can get a whole underbody kit for a car for this price!

  2. eschoendorff says:

    Oh puhlease!

  3. Frank Townend says:

    Gee what tool should I give up to have the cash to add under lights to my tool chest?

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