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If you’re in the market for Gerber’s Deluxe Mine Probe Kit, one of two things is probably true: A) You’re underpaid, or B) you need to move. People who remove unexploded ordnance work mostly on their bellies, inching across the battlefield, constantly in danger. For these serious people and their serious work, Gerber makes some precision mine probe tools to replace that old KA-BAR.

Gerber includes an LED flashlight in the kit, as well as a fairly standard Gerber multi-tool with a black, non-reflective coating — but the real star of the show is the probe. With all three titanium shafts screwed to the handle, it measures about 25″. The tips, made of titanium or non-conductive Delrin, transfer the slightest contact through the shaft. You can easily stow the kit in the included ballistic-nylon case that attaches to your belt.

For about $250, you can probe around in your yard.

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