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For $15,000, you too can own a bulldozer! Every boy I know dreamed of driving a bulldozer, and although this one isn’t the huge general contractor variety you see at the highway work sites, you might find it handy for back yard applications. You could artfully arrange the dirt in the back yard into tasteful and trendy landscaping piles in the front yard, or knock down the neighbor’s garden gnomes, or even pull stumps on the south forty.

Regardless of what you do with it, having a bulldozer is just fun. Imagine being able to rip out the rosebushes in five minutes — that’s a great Toolmonger rush.

The NorTrac 30 HP Bulldozer goes for $15,000, but did I mention that the shipping on this baby is free?

NorTrac Bulldozer [Northern Tool and Equipment]
Northern Tool and Equipment [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Where To Spend $15,000

  1. Mike says:

    It’s actually $14,199 on their website right now! That’s $800 off! How could you *not* buy one?

  2. Bart'sDad says:

    But wait, there’s more. Just look what it did to this tomato!

  3. fred says:

    We rented for years – then had enough work to justify buying a used ASV 4810 skid steer with an 8 foot bucket to put in our yard. Unfortunately not for $14,1999.
    The ASV is plenty powerful (105HP Cat Diesel) but has a low enough ground pressure to not chew up the terrain too badly. With this rig and the right attachments you can do lots more than just push earth around.
    I’d highly recommend it – but think that ASV has discontinued it – I think their new models come with Perkins engines.

  4. Bart'sDad says:

    FYI Perkins is owned by Cat

  5. jeff says:

    The last Cat skid steer I was on had an ASV under-carriage.

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