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Airplane mechanics keep detailed service and maintenance records in the plane’s logbook — it helps ’em prevent that long drop with the short stop at the end. But a logbook can also remind you to do routine maintenance on your car, or it can help you diagnose the reason for loss of gas mileage before a serious problem develops. For tractors, combines, bulldozers, graders, generators — the machines that run and build civilization — logbooks can save jobs and lives. Mechanic Support makes this Mechanic’s Logbook software that you can configure for almost any application.

You can put Mechanic’s Logbook on your computer for $16 — you might pay more than that for a dead-tree logbook.

Mechanic’s Logbook [Mechanic Support]
Mechanic Support [Corporate Site]


3 Responses to Mechanic’s Logbook

  1. Bart'sDad says:

    My dad always had a “book” in all of his cars. When filling up with gas, or doing any repairs he always maintained a written record of it. It is an easy way to track everything from fuel mileage to repeat failures. I like a small spiral notebook with a pocket for part receipts and insurance card. I also write down all the vehicle’s important info in it and can bring it with to the autopart supply houses, not always easy to remember which car your getting parts for (down to only 7 cars/trucks right now).

    For $16 one could easily set up their own excel sheet.

  2. Gosh.. that software looks so dated.. it must’ve been written in about 1995..?

    And how quaint that the word “Category” is incorrectly spelled no less than FOUR times on the one screenshot featured..

    Come on Toolmonger.. its a crappy looking package and has another contributor has already noted.. a simple spreadsheet would work just fine..

    Where did you dredge this POS up from??


  3. Ha! They dont appear to even offer a trial download of the software..


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