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Greenlee Free 5 -gallons of lube promo

The mind boggles at all you could do with five gallons of free lube. Before you get too excited, this is cable-pulling lubricant, and the promotion comes with a catch: to get your free bucket of Cable-Gel lube you have to buy one of Greenlee’s new UG5 Ultra Glider packages. The UG5 Ultra Glider regulates the application of lube when you’re pulling and feeding cable, eliminating the need for a second person on the job to hand-lube it.

It’ll set you back a pretty penny — the UG511ST, pictured, costs around $3,500, so it’s really a tool for the professional tradesman.  Still, check out the data sheet for some double entendres that’ll make you blush.

Free Lube Promotion [Greenlee]
UG5 Datasheet [Greenlee]
UG511ST [All2ools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Free Five Gallons Of Greenlee Lube

  1. Tim says:

    five free 5-gallon buckets =

    25 free gallons of lube…

    You could throw a nice party with that much lube..

  2. Jim K. says:

    Whew! For a moment there I thought TM had gone way too far with the toolpron for my taste.

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