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In a recent Dealmonger, we let you know that the big boxes were clearing out their Circuit Alert wire strippers, but it turns out it wasn’t because of slow sales. In fact, the Circuit Alert tools have sold so well, they decided to completely overhaul the product line.  Now all Circuit Alert tools come with the same tiny, interchangeable voltage sensor.

The Circuit Alert line of tools includes an electrician’s knife, three screwdrivers, three wire strippers, three pliers, and two work lights. Each tool comes with its own no-contact voltage sensor which gives both audible and visual warning in the presence of AC voltage (50-600V). With these tools, you’ll have no excuse for touching a live wire.


The tools are sold separately. You can buy the sensor alone for $12 — but considering the screwdrivers start at $13, I would just buy one of those if I needed an extra sensor, and get the insulated screwdriver for $1.  Street pricing is between $12 and $24.

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4 Responses to Circuit Alert Tools With Interchangeable Sensor

  1. dlone says:

    Can you buy the tools without the sensors? If not, what’s the point in being able to remove the sensors from the tools?

  2. dan says:

    I’ve yet to have a Circuit Alert tool that I’d trust in any way, shape or form. My last (and final) Circuit Alert ‘give it a go’ was with a screwdriver that told me a known live wire wasn’t live, and my coffee… which last i checked was not actually a live circuit… was.

  3. courtney says:

    I’m taking this thing back. talk about insensitive, it certainly beeps but I have no idea why. don’t buy it unless you like frustration and uncertainty.

  4. Paul says:

    I don’t understand people’s obsessions with multi-tools. Every once in a while they’re convenient, but 95% of the time you end up with some tool than can do 3 things, though it can’t do any of those 3 things very well. You’re usually best off getting 3 seperate tools which can each do their task well.

    I owned a GB circuit detector and on the job site a circuit detector can literally save your life. Don’t trust a cheapo GB tester. The extra 20 bucks you spend on a name brand tester will save you getting shocked or seriously hurt. Don’t put your life in the hands of GB.

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