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Tangles of wires have become as ubiquitous as the computers they connect to — you’ll find them in the shop for controlling CNC machines, in the garage for diagnostics, and in my favorite personal hangout, the electronics lab, for everything. While the WireMate isn’t strictly a tool, it can help unclutter your workspace.

Note: this is an “As Seen On TV” product, and some of their marketing has the same feel as an instruction manual translated from Chinese, especially the phrases, “Function So Easy!” and “Form So Perfect.” Despite the marketing, the concept looks sound.

Attach the WireMate with either the provided 3M double-sided tape or the provided screws. Then route all your loose wires through the WireMate and wrap the excess wire around a series of integrated posts. The snap-on cover hides the coiled mess inside for a neat looking install.

The 14″x 8″x 2″ WireMate is made from a high-impact molded resin that can be used indoors or out. It can hold up to 224 cubic inches of wire, which translates to about 12-18 wires, depending on their gauge.

You can get it in white, black, or gray for as little as $15 — about the same price as other wire organization products. If you’ve used the WireMate, or if you have your own product/method for keeping cords untangled, let us know in the comments.

WireMate [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Tame Tangled Cords

  1. Patrick says:

    Hah! I use old cigar boxes with a notch cut out. Use the little hasp and bang, good looking wire holder.

  2. Eric says:

    Those look pretty sweet for any residential or light commercial job! They ought to be making several different sizes, but the idea is solid.

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