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Today’s trash collection technology is focused on reducing man-hours, since the industry’s biggest cost is labor. Robotic trash trucks, operated by the driver alone, collect the garbage; trash compactors reduce storage size so it doesn’t have to be collected as often. Now, the folks at Big Belly Solar have combined clean energy with the trend toward ease and efficiency — they’ve come out with a solar-powered trash compactor.

They claim their solar-powered tool is a real time saver, and they’re conducting case studies in New York, Boston, and Cincinnati to prove it. The Portland Zoo has also started a new pilot program with similar cans, though they may be made by a different company. The only drawback: with a $4,000 price tag, it’ll take a while to recoup the expense.

Trash Compactor [Big Belly Solar]
Big Belly Solar [Corporate Site]
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One Response to It’s Just Cool: Solar-Powered Trash Compactor

  1. mike t says:

    uh $4000? They could make regular noncompacting trash cans 3x bigger nstead and save alot of money. Or they could make a big belly with regular coapcity but 1/3 the size. Witll these catch on outisde of the super densly populated space scarce cities??

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