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If you drop your levels this much, you’re probably a complete jackass. But it’s nice to know that even if you tried, both the non-magnetic (43-524) and magnetic (43-525) versions would hold up pretty well. Even after 100 drops, the non-magnetic level is still functional in all the critical features, and the magnetic level (after the magnets get glued back in) has only lost the accuracy of the middle balance vial.

The likelihood that you’ll ever drop one of these enough times to matter in normal use is pretty low, which is probably why Stanley feels comfortable offering an accuracy warranty on them.

And for about $30 for the magnetic level — or more like $25 for the non-magnetic — this is a great value that’ll hold up even under abuse.

BTW: Don’t miss Toolmonger TV’s video review.

FatMax 24” Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Levels [Stanley]
Street Pricing 43-525 Magnetic [Google Products]
Street Pricing 42-524 Non-Magnetic [Google Products]

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