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McLeod Fire Rake

This bad-ass combination rake/hoe, commonly called a McLeod tool, is designed to fight wildfires, but you can also garden with it.  The tines are made for raking fire lines, the sharp hoe edge cuts sod or branches, and the head can also be used to tamp and compact. Whether you’re a firefighter or a weekend gardener, you can appreciate the tool’s versatility.

Nupla makes the 4′ handle of their McLeod tool out of their proprietary fiberglass, Nupaglas.  They offer a version of the tool with a Protec, abrasion-resistant sleeve which minimizes handle wear and protects against fiberglass splinters — because who really wants fiberglass splinters?

Nupla’s McLeod tool will run you about $55.

McLeod Tool [Nupla]
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McLeod Tool [Illinois Fire and Police Equipment]


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  1. Putnameco says:

    I find myself looking into my fire gear for a council rake more often than a McLeod.
    They are great for ripping through sod and other nasty messes, and really durable to boot. Even have replaceable teeth.

    council rake link

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