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We can see why Popular Mechanics and others hate this thing. It’s funky as hell. But there’s still something to be said for a single tool that can handle just about every task involved in cutting and shaping drywall.

The worst gadget of last year? Nah. But a few changes certainly would improve it. Adding a point to the keyhole saw would be a big step, and moving the blade release button so you can’t hit it by accident would help too.

For a homeowner trying to buy what he or she needs to patch holes in the wall and maybe install built-in speakers, this $15 multi-tool represents a pretty good buy. Pros, however, will likely want to look elsewhere — like in the area of buying multiple tools that each are more appropriate for and comfortable when performing the task for which they’re designed.

5-in-1 Drywall Tool [Husky]

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6 Responses to Hands On: Husky 5-in-1 Drywall Tool

  1. Jim Little says:

    Multi-tools are designed to get you through unexpected situations when you are away from your home/shop/job site/office. I don’t think there is a such thing as a drywall emergency. If you gotta tote some gypsum, you shouldn’t mind bringing along a box of individual tools designed specifically to to do individual tasks in the most efficient way and taking the time to do the job right.

  2. crustyjusty says:

    i was wondering if perhaps the whole knife itself is about 1.5″ with the blade of the knife centered in the whole thing?? I know when i do renovations it’d be nice if i could just run my finger down the edge of the stud and have it remove 3/4″ so i can patch my drywall holes. could be handy i suppose…

  3. william moyer says:

    The Patents rights do not belong to you to market a drywall knife and rasp combo,I happen to hold the DESIGN and UTILITY rights Please explain if you can,plus whare ever you are marketing them will be assoiated as pirates as yourself.
    william moyer
    Richard Litman,Litman Law

  4. Joe Luciano says:

    I use the Speedrocker also. It has this slot to put the tape measure end hook into for safe measuring and scoring. Fits in your utility knife pouch too.
    It’s for sale at Lowes in a new double pack with the new fixed blade version called their Speedrocker-SS which is a really wicked quick change blade knife too for cutting drywall.

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