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No-Spill CAARD Fuel Can

With gas prices soaring, cost-conscious Toolmongers hate to waste even a drop of liquid gold — not to mention that spilling gas all over your hands and clothes leaves you smelly and flammable. If other fuel cans have you frustrated, take a look at No-Spill’s CARB fuel cans. They allow you to easily regulate the flow of gas with the push of a button.

Push the button to pour up to three gallons a minute — release the button, and a stainless steel return spring stops the flow. While you fill your tank, a stainless steel screen filters debris, and the nozzle recovers gas fumes while automatically venting. The semi-translucent plastic allows you to see how much gas is in the container.

It’s available in 1-1/4 gallon, 2-1/2 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes — you’ll pay anywhere from $13 to $30 for the No-Spill fuel cans, depending on the size and store.

CARB Fuel Cans
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4 Responses to Don’t Waste A Precious Drop Of Gas

  1. jeff says:

    Seems like the 5 gallon model would take three hands to use. Two to tip up the 35 pound can and a third to press that button.

  2. Putnameco says:

    I wonder if they are OSHA compliant.

    I like Safeways sp series of cans, although most people I know prefer Justrites cans.


  3. Brau says:

    Of course with one of these:


    you won’t have to lift the can at all.

  4. Adam R says:

    I don’t know about this one, but the CARB compliant tanks at HD and Lowe’s don’t work to refill most cars. If I am going to redeem some fuel rewards that are good for up to 30 gallons, regardless if you only pump 15 I would like to use cans to get the rest of that cheap gas for later.

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