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Recently Hitachi announced the release of their new N5010A 1/2″ Standard Crown Stapler and N5021A 15/16” Wide Crown Stapler. Both lightweight staplers look very different from Hitachi’s alien-skinned power tools. It seems Hitachi’s pneumatics division designed these staplers to be practical for the jobsite — there’s no green rubber, just metal — and we dig it.

These staplers’ll work for a variety of tasks, ranging from light construction sheathing to roofing applications — and you’ll probably need to put the tool to a lot of those tasks, in order to justify the steep asking price. We’ve found spots online offering the new staplers for around $385, which puts them in the higher-end price bracket for staplers.

Pneumatics [Hitachi]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to Preview: Hitachi’s New Pneumatic Staplers

  1. Jim German says:

    Wow if this is what all of the new Hitachi tools will look like I might actualy start considering them. As it is now I can’t stand their goofy look.

  2. fred says:

    We have quite a number of older Hitachi staplers and nailers – and none had the strange new look. Maybe Hitachi listened to their customers and has now gone back to the older more conservative style. I really don’t care much – because we always liked certain Hitachi tools and tried to standardize on them. We use their N3804AB2 1/4 crown staplers for underlayment and their N5024A 1 inch crown stapler for roofing felt. We’ve also standardized on their angled finish nailer and coil roofing nailers.

    We try to stick with tools that we’ve found to perform well – but are not brand-loyalty-fanatics. Our flooring nailers and flooring staplers are both Bostitch and Porta-Nailers. We have a couple of Bostitch metal connector nailers that replace older more cumbersome tools. We have bought several Makita siding nailers – and think that they are very good. Our pinners are all Grex models. Our framing nailers are a mix and match. Our portable framing and finish nailers are all Paslode. We have a few Duofast electric staplers – to fasten down the odd piece of carpeting that we might disturb.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    I don’t think Hitachi has really ever nailed the finish on their pneumatics, even their older nailers looked ancient after a week on the job. Their “alien” style is just plain bizarre. I’ll look forward to trying some of this new wave of tools if they continue to go with this more conservative style. Not that the aliens performed bad, just can’t really stand to look at them.
    I’ve been using the NR83A2 for framing and NT65MA2 for finishing (love the blower) theNV45AB for roofing (probably be needing to replace soon) the NV50AP3 cap nailer for for underlayment.
    I’m a real big fan of their NV75AG for light framing/siding,and general knock about nailer.
    I do have one of the N3804AB3 narrow crown “alien” staplers and it does seem to be holding up.
    most of my staplers are Porter CablesMS200s and NS150s

    I haven’t had a chance to try Makitas nailers yet, I have been hearing good things about them, My next purchase will most likely be a Paslode F-350s Feels like it weighs a pound or two less than the NR83A2.

  4. fred says:

    re PutnamEco Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the NV75AG – I may try 1 or 2 – to replace some older PC FR350A’s. We have become fans of coil-fed nailers – and really like the Makita AN611 to drive SS siding and fencing nails.

  5. Putnameco says:

    Fred Says:
    Thanks for the recommendation on the NV75AG – I may try 1 or 2 – to replace some older PC FR350A’s. We have become fans of coil-fed nailers – and really like the Makita AN611 to drive SS siding and fencing nails.
    A lot of my choices are based on availability of dealers. I live/work in a rural area and not many dealers stock anything out of the ordinary. That is one of my main reasons for sticking with Hitachi, I have a semi local dealer that has a good stock of spare parts. Most other brands usually result in a tool out of service until I can mail/internet order or take a half day off to go fetch the part.
    I really like some coil nailers, but never cared for coil framers, even though I do believe I get more done with them.They seem to be out of balance, to me.
    The few chances I’ve had to try out Makita nailers, have been favorable. They seem to be well made and a little lighter than the Hitachis.

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