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After the work day is done *wink* you can head straight for the fishing hole, if you’re carrying the Packer fishing rod. It weighs eight ounces and measures less than 22 inches long, so you can make room for it even in a crowded toolbox. Check out this guy holding one — it’s really small.

Emmrod designed the spring-steel rod with coils, to give it flex like a normal pole. They claim that their short poles will cast as far as 6′ graphite poles. The handle detaches from the pole for tighter packing and also for changing out your pole — you can choose from poles with varying numbers of coils, for different levels of strength and sensitivity.


Emmrod offers several combos, but for $57 you can get just the pole — it could be a lot of fun for your money, especially if you like pan-fried bluegill.

Packer Fishing Rod [Emmrod]
Emmrod [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Toolbox Fishing Rod

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Oh ,no!
    flashbacks of Ron Popeils pocket fisherman.

    The biggest fishing invention since the hook…

    How much would you expect to pay…

    But wait, theres more….

  2. …their short poles will cast as far as 6′ graphite poles…

    I’d like to see how they fudged the tests to make this claim.

  3. ryan says:

    Not only do I find it hard to believe that one can cast as far as a 6′ pole, but one would also look about as goofy with this pole as the cordless fanny-pack compressor guy from a few weeks ago.


  4. kif says:

    They didn’t “fudge” the tests at all, they just held the lure and cast the pole!

    I was skeptical about the casting rod in the post. Then I see on their website that they have a surfcasting and a…. FLY ROD! I couldn’t find of the specifics you get when you read the rods in the tackle shop, action, line and lure weight.

    Here in Colorado we get ready for summer a little later, so this company has me amped. I hope they come up with some other cool outdoor items like “finger oars” or a tent you only stick your head in, thereby fooling your body into thinking it’s sheltered.

  5. ryan says:

    Kif, finger oars would be cool, esspecially if they oared as well as regualr oars. Perhaps some titanium springs in the shaft of the finger oars would make them more powerful? You might be on to something 😉

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