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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about efficiency and which tools are most necessary to have around all the time, so this survival tool kit from Flickr pool member Alexander Becker caught my eye. All these tools fit into an Altoids box, which is a smaller package than I’ve been thinking of — but it would’ve been great for the Boy Scout campouts I went on as a kid. Alexander also posted pictures of how the toolbox packs and closes.

He obviously put some thought into the kit, with the mini flashlight, lighter, and knife — half the problems you’ll run into are covered right there. Of course, Sean would say you can’t have a survival kit without super glue.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


8 Responses to From the Flickr Pool: Survival Toolbox

  1. darksabbat says:

    an altoids tin, wow. I need to make one of these for the cars. I was thinking a larger tin as well, maybe on of those two piece cigarette pack cases. the only thing I can see missing is an emergency blanket.

  2. fred says:

    The Boy Scouts have an emergency survival merit badge – and assembling kits like this one rae part of the requirements. Some some assemble them in a samll tin can with part of the lid attacched that can act as a handle. Some add water purification tablets, a small plastic signal mirror, an a whistle. There a commercially sold kits that also include a solar blanket.

  3. fred says:

    My apologies to the Boy Scouts – its Wilderness Survival Merit Badge and Emergengy Preparadness.

  4. Paul says:

    People call these PSKs (Personal Survival Kit) or PEKs (Personal Emergency Kit). Check out a site called Equipped to Survive for LOTS of info on the subject. There’s a cult like following for preparedness out there.

  5. Putnameco says:

    I think I would swap the can opener for a button compass, you are probably not going to run into cans without running into something you could use to get into them.

  6. Paul says:

    While I agree with Putnameco’s compass comment, I disagree that you will find can openers with cans. A lot of cans today have pull ring tops, but not all. I’d rather have the p-38 can opener and not use it than not have it and need it. I’ve carried a P-38 on my key chain for years and use it for a lot more than opening cans anyway. It’s a great pocket screwdriver, scraper, scratcher, scorer.

    You can open cans with a knife, or similar, but why destroy an important tool that might come in handier later?

    I’d be happier to see some sort of signaling device, especially a small whistle. This looks like more of an urban/suburban “emergency” kit to me.

    BTW I carry something similar that I built. With a little practice, you can fit a lot of stuff in an Altoids tin.

  7. Bart'sDad says:

    Another forum that is all about being prepared, and what and how to carry gear is:


    This was referenced here on tool monger in a recent write up about a Leatherman key mod.

    It’s Just Cool: Leatherman Keyman Mods
    Friday, April 18th, 2008

  8. Filip says:

    The longer you are in a survival situation the more tools you could need.Except for miIitary,survivalist or moutaineers most people do not need more than some sort of signaling device .IMO a whistle, small edge,led light,signal mirror could be really helpful and particular not difficult to carry.

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