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Optical Center Punch

An optical center punch can introduce a whole new level of accuracy to your projects. With the On Mark optical center punch, you can punch within .002″ of your mark, so your final hole position will be about as accurate as it gets.

First, locate the center punch over your mark. Using the optical pilot, line up your layout lines with the optical target. Then remove the optical pilot and replace it with the punch. Tap the punch with a hammer to leave your indentation in the exact location.

The 9x acrylic lens magnifies your layout lines without distortion or parallax, and the center-dot-and-circle target allows you to zero in on the the correct location within .002″.  The optical center punch comes in a kit containing the punch holder, acrylic lens, and punch insert, all of which store in a sturdy cylindrical case.

The kit runs as little as $60 or as much as $80, depending on where you look. A Cheap-Ass Tool it’s not — but if accuracy is your primary goal, this is your center punch.

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3 Responses to Perfect Punch Placement

  1. Jim Little says:

    The idea of this device assumes your layout lines are within .002″.

  2. Simon says:

    This one is a little cheaper and looks quite nice:

  3. Jim Little:
    In reality, yeah…

    I originally was going to write the Lee Valley Optical Center Punch, but I write way to many posts about Lee Valley tools. Plus the On Mark ones are much more widely available.

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