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Sometimes we find better uses for our tools than the manufacturer had in mind when the design specs were originally laid out. Loading up this toolbox with tools made it too heavy for a second floor apartment — so we filled it with toys that needed a bit of organization which turned it into ultimate mobile toybox.

It might not be the most macho use of the 4 in 1 toolbox but for the household it sits in this is noble work indeed. The best part is the wheels and travel luggage handle that lets this rolling fun-time box go wherever needed.

4-in-1 Mobile Workstation [Stanley]
Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to From the Flickr Pool: Toolbox? Toybox!

  1. Wayne D. says:

    I used to store my Legos in toolboxes (actually still do…)

  2. Louise Anderson says:

    Am searching for the right toolbox for my knitting tools and work in progress. Black & Decker licensed one but it’s no longer available. Stanley has one too but everyone on the net wants a fortune for shipping. Other craft genres could use this too, beaders, scrapbookers, quilters. Tool boxes aren’t just for tools any more.

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