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If you’re stumped for a Mother’s Day idea for your mom, don’t go the standard route and send flowers or candy. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Toolmonger recommends giving mom a set of tools to help around the house. You don’t have to shell out for a new Snap-on rolling tool chest filled with ten grand worth of shiny chrome — though that would be cool — but a nice set of sturdy gear makes a great gift for anyone, including mom.

Before you rush off to the Net to get the latest in pink fashion tools, stop and think about that. You wouldn’t want a set of pink tools that aren’t up to shop-quality, so why would she? Think decent and functional, the types of tools anyone could use around the house. If you can’t find a set that fits the bill, make one yourself, especially if you have a clue what she might need or what she’ll use ’em for.

Here’s where you get to channel all your creative tool-buying knowledge gleaned from hard research and firsthand experience, and put it to work. Does she like to hang pictures? Then perhaps your mom’s kit should include a tack hammer and a box of angled picture hooks that hold 5, 10, and 25 lbs. apiece.

The best part: you’ll get to explain why you got her the items you did, showing her, through your selection, that you were really thinking about her and about how to make her life a bit easier. What would you get mom? Let us know in comments.

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3 Responses to Editorial: What To Get Mom, Beyond The Flowers

  1. Bart'sDad says:

    Bart got his Mom a Leatherman for her birthday. She finds it very useful at work in an office environment.

  2. Stuart says:

    I think that giving most mothers tool kits for Mother’s Day would be a bad idea.

    Of course craft related tools, or a similar themed kit might be welcome, but household tools? No.

    It’s better to invest time, money, and energy into doing something useful instead. If pictures need hanging up, hang a few up for her. Of course it might be a good idea to show her how and to leave the tools with her. In that case, an included tool kit is okay.

    That’s not to say that one should fall back to giving flowers. I bought an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head for my mother, and I know for a fact she’ll like it better than flowers. If I gave her tools of any kind, they would end up in my father’s pile of tools in the basement, never to be used by anyone.

  3. LesFex says:

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