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Anti-Corrosion Emitters

Cortec corrosion inhibitors sold at Lee Valley will protect your rust-prone tools for up to two years. Instead of coating your tools with sticky, greasy, or oily substances, just throw one of these anti-corrosion emitters into any enclosed box, cabinet, or drawer where you store your tools.

These products emit a harmless corrosion-inhibiting vapor that forms an invisible barrier on most metals. Lee Valley sells three different types of emitters. The 10″x10″ foam sheet protects areas up to eight cubic feet, and you can cut it to fit where you want it. The small emitter measures 2-1/4″ in diameter by 3/4″ deep and protects areas up to five cubic feet. The large emitter measures 2-1/4″ in diameter by 1-1/4″ deep and covers a maximum of 11 cubic feet. The circular emitters come with a self-adhesive backing.

The 10″x10″ foam sheets will run you about $7 apiece. The small emitter costs $7, and the large emitter runs $10. Of course, these anti-corrosion emitters are no substitute for taking good care of your tools — they’re more like an insurance policy against rust.

10″x10″ Foam Sheet
Small Emitter [Cortec]
Large Emitter[Cortec]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Anti-Corrosion Emitters [Lee Valley]


4 Responses to Corrosion, Meet Thy Enemy

  1. Michael says:

    Anyone used this? My month old big channel locks are already rusting up on me. Apparently chlorinated water rusts metal. Who knew?

  2. Jim German says:

    Apparntly these have been around since the 50’s and do apparently work, however they need to be kept in closed containers to work, can’t just stick a few in your workshop or garage and expect them to protect all your tools.

    A google search for “vapor phase corrosion inhibitor” provides some links to more information about them.

  3. fred says:

    Flambeau makes a series of ant-rust toolboxes – and also sells liners etc.


    We bought s few at a Lowes for some rust-prone items that we use infrequently – they seem to work.

  4. LennyNero says:

    Or, you can go cheap and EXTREMELY oldschool, and toss a piece of camphor in each toolbox drawer, this will also keep your tools from rusting.

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