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Mini Pro Bar

When you absolutely positively need to be inside a building two minutes ago, you need a Mini Pro-Bar. Fire and rescue crews commonly reach for this Halligan-type tool as a one-stop multi-tool for forcing entry into a building.

Whether you need to snap padlocks, rip down plaster, rip out recessed or flush cylinder locks, or pry open doors, the Mini Pro-Bar has you covered. Made from 4130 aircraft steel, the knurled shaft recesses into both the fork and adz/pike ends and is heat-pressed and welded. The adz and fork also double as nail pullers and gas shut-off tools.

Fire Hooks Unlimited sells the Min Pro-Bar in two versions: the 16″ bar weighing 3-1/4 lbs and the 20″ bar weighing 3-1/2 lbs.  Either Mini Pro-Bar will run you about $75 — getting caught with one in your trunk while wearing a black ski mask will probably cost you a bit more than that.

Mini Pro-Bar [Fire Hooks Unlimited]
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5 Responses to When You’re Outside And Need To Get Inside

  1. Bill says:

    Actually a Halligan is only 1/2 of a tool set. Without a striking tool the Halligan is severly limited in use. In the fire service we mate this tool up with a flathead axe, carried with the blade of the axe nested in the fork on one end of the halligan and the handle resting on the adz (what everyone else calls an axe we call a flathead axe to differentiate it from the classic firefighter pickhead axe). The backside of the axe is used to strike the adz end of the halligan to force open doors or locks etc. Together these 2 are referred to as irons or the irons and used together you can open almost any door, and even breach cinderblock walls if needed. Together the irons were my favorite tools and their use one of my favorite assignments.

  2. AC says:

    Two questions on the mini-bar pictured (no mention on the links):

    1) Why is the fork curve reversed?

    2) Why does the adz have a wider splay?

  3. Zeek says:

    Looks like what I imagine the ‘lobo’ [lobotomizer] zombie killing tool looks like in the novel World War Z.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I agree with Bill…the halligan needs a striking tool with it, either a flathead axe or some people (not me) prefer a 6-foot NY-hook. I was glad to see pictures of “good” halligans with curved forks and picks. A wedged fork (instead of curved) is next to worthless. If I am not on the hoseline, my favorite tool is the irons. If I’ve got irons and the rabbit tool there are very few doors that can keep me out! I will say that I am not fond of the forked adz in the picture above. I’d rather have a solid adz to pry sideways more effectively.

  5. ToolFreak says:

    I’ve found a crowbar and axe (or sledgehammer) to be a good cheap alternative, though not nearly the same thing.

    Also, theres no law against possessing rescue tools, ski mask or not. These are not stealthy enough to be considered burglary tools.

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