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Carver's Rasp

This stylish new carpenter’s bracelet…um, this set of carpenter’s brass knuckles…OK, this carpenter’s circular rasp sells for $10 at Woodcraft. The rasp, originally used by staircase makers to smooth curved handrails, shapes tightly curved or concave areas where a straight rasp won’t work.

Measuring 4-1/4″ by 2-1/2″, the rasp should fit comfortably in most craftsmen’s hands. The ring-shaped rasp features a curved, 1″-wide cutting face. To provide a safe surface to grasp, a protective grip covers the ends of the rasp.

Whether you’re a sculptor, carver, or woodworker, you’ll probably wonder what you did without this inexpensive tool — and in a pinch, I bet it would sting like hell to be punched with one.

Carver’s Rasp [Woodcraft]


One Response to Woodworker’s Bling?

  1. fred says:

    We install a lot of staircases – but would think this is not terribly useful anymore for this work. We do use some small Auriou (the company sadly went out of business) curved (ironing) rasps for some hand fitting – but mostly we use L J Smith profile scrapers for their profiles – plus variously backed-up pieces of sandpaper.

    If I was into free-form sculpting or buildind staircases from scratch with hand tools – maybe this would be a good tool

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