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Watch what happens when non-Toolmongers audition for a home shopping network by trying to sell a camouflaged drill set. I laughed so hard when I saw this — what a great item to weed out the bad salesmen. Not only do they concentrate on the least important feature, the camouflage, but they have no idea what they’re talking about. My favorite quote: “Maybe you wanna lay in the grass and drill.”


10 Responses to Doh! Failed Drill Sales Pitch

  1. JayJaySmaker says:

    OK, this is funny. But my favorite line was from the guy who saw the foolishness of a Camoflage Drill. He took the silliness to a new level wen he said “If you are a sportsman and a woodworker, spray the right scent on this bad boy and it’ll attract the correct type of wood.” Now that’s smart and funny. Great post guys.

  2. Joel Wires says:

    Favorite quote, “…he’ll actually able to find his way out of the woods from his deer stand or fish blind…”

    [Pause for dramatic affect]

    Fish blind? Yeah, she said fish blind.

  3. FrankTownend says:

    “14V” whatever “V” stands for.

  4. Teacher says:

    I liked the “fishing blind” comment too! I could understand the women having no idea about a cordless drill, but those guys ought to be made to wear dresses for not having a clue. None of them knew that v stood for volts? How pathetic is that?

  5. Annoyed says:

    Doesn’t load with two different browsers.

  6. ambush27 says:

    Do you have flash?

  7. Andrew says:

    lol whats the point of having tools that are camoflagued?

  8. Stan says:

    Stopped buying camo knives, pens, lighters and various other small hunting items long ago. Drop the damn things and spend 10 minutes looking for them. Blaze orange for me.

  9. Almurph says:

    I dont get why they all say things like “he’ll actually be able to find his way out of the woods” when the truth is if he actually dropped the light, especially at night, he would have a heck of a time finding it.

  10. kyle says:

    yes the camo looks cool but when is the last time you layed you drill down in the grass since the drill didnt have the same color scheme you were able to find it but in a lot of cases it wouldnt be so easy and plus they probly put camo gun wrap on a harbor freight drill

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