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The casual griller often picks up whatever makeshift tools he finds lying about to conduct the summer’s grilling operations. Toolmonger, of course, supports grilling in any manner, with any tools you deem worthy. However, sometimes you want more — sites like barbecuegrilltools.com can help you gear up for those special meat-cooking occasions.

They offer a few high-brow sets of tools as well as some basic sets that just get it done. Once you’re good to go with the tools, they also carry a ton of grill-related gear you can get into — though we must admit, the “cooking food and good tools” part has been the focus for us.

Tool sets range from $20 for a three-piece set with a BBQ spatula, fork, and tongs, to a $70 natural wood set with spiffed-out carrying case and a few extra tools. It’s not for everyone — but with Father’s Day coming up, just keep it in mind.

Barbecue Grill Tools [Website]


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  1. mike says:

    or you can just swing by sears and pick up a sweet craftsman bbq set that conveniently matches the rest of your garage.


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