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With the Rotate-A-Blade utility knife you can rotate a standard notched blade to different angles, so it can function as a knife, scraper, or ripper — no need to buy multiple knives with different blades. The knife also features blade storage and a nifty hex bit driver. It looks like they might need to work out a few kinks, but let’s hope we see this bad-boy on store shelves soon. I’ll buy one.


6 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Rotate-A-Blade Knife Prototype

  1. Lonbordin says:


  2. scubasteve says:

    Thats just asking for smaller fingers.

  3. Brau says:

    I definitely would have bought one of these if it had been available years ago. Dual purpose tools were very welcome in my tool belt when service meant parking four blocks away and carrying everything I might need.

  4. David Tyers says:

    It looks like this knife could cut shingles with a normal heavy duty blade?. Great idea!

  5. mike t says:

    I hope theres no play, i hate utility knfes were the blade can move around a bit when cutting and isnt rock solid..

  6. Andrew says:

    looks like a disaster waiting to happen

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