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Herdim Micro Plane

How do you make the world’s smallest violin? With the world’s smallest plane, of course. Herdim claims this diminutive plane is “the smallest functional plane in the world ever to be manufactured in a series.” Despite its ridiculously small size, Herdim actually makes this plane for violin makers to hollow small surfaces.

With a sole shaped like the underside of a miniature spoon, the brass body measures approximately 1/2″ wide by 1/4″ long. A sliver of rosewood precisely wedges the 1/8″ radiused iron in the body. The plane ships in a fitted ebony box whose boxwood cover bears the inscription, “The world’s smallest plane.”

You can buy this miniature plane for $70 — whether you proudly display it or use it to create a miniature musical masterpiece is up to you.

Micro Plane [Highland Woodworking]


One Response to How Do You Make The World’s Smallest Violin?

  1. Tony Watkins says:

    I’m currently making a set of 1/12th scale violins and one of these just might help!

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