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We can always count on pegboard to start a hot debate among Toolmongers. We split right down the middle — the anti-pegboard people on one side furiously advocate toolboxes and storage systems, and the staunch pegboard supporters come back with tales of super convenience.  Toolmonger’s own Brad Justinen offers up this slick photo of his pegboard setup, brandishing his fine selection of hand tools.

We’ll say this: almost anyone’s shop can accommodate both pegboard and other storage systems, and it’s a totally subjective thing. Chuck and I often disagree on the virtues of the holy board ourselves, but clearly it does a great job of getting tools off the bench — and almost any tool guy will tell you, that’s a step in the right direction.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


10 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: Pegboard On Display

  1. Brad that black and white photo of the sockets is really cool.

  2. Hey, Thanks Ben

    I took those photos digitally and desaturated some of them in Photoshop because they just looked cooler.

    I agree, the b/w socket photo is one of my favorites, it’s currently set as my desktop wallpaper.

  3. Bart'sDad says:

    I have to agree the B&W photo is pretty cool.

    Just a couple notes:

    It doesn’t matter how the tools are stored as long as they are being used. Being a diesel mechanic I use a tool chest for most tool storage. In the utility room at home pegboard wins for convenience and at work, my work station on top of my rolling chest is lined with pegboard.

    Secondly, keeping a picture archive of your tools, and as a matter of fact all of your possessions , is a good practice in case of a loss by fire, theft or some other natural disaster. Backing up digital photos off site is an easy way to prove what you had to the insurance companies or the police in the unfortunate event of a loss.

  4. GAC says:

    I’ve never understood the disdain for pegboard myself. However I reserve the pegboard space for household, carpentry, painting, odds & ends type tools. The mechanics tools reside in the roll cab box. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

  5. fred says:

    We compartmentalize our site boxes (Knack and Greenlee) so that tools (or the lack of them) can be easiliy seens and retrieved.

  6. ToolFreak says:

    I’m not involved in the pegboard debate, but I can see the problem compared to a tool box or chest. It’s pretty hard to secure your $1000 set of tools on a pegboard. At least a locked box makes it a harder job to tote them off.

    I’d agree with GAC, with the nice wrenches, sockets, ratchets, etc. residing in a tool chest, and the household tools like screwdrivers, hammers, etc on a pegboard for easy access. It’s not a bad idea to have one set of common tools like screwdrivers and pliers for each, too, that way you’re not using the same tool on a car engine as inside the house.

  7. Old Donn says:

    My dad was a big advocate of pegboard, both in the basement and garage. His tools were strictly stay at home, so mobility wasn’t an issue. And woe betide anyone, (that would be me), who used his tools and didn’t clean and hang them back up. Trouble was security. The garage was broken into a couple of times and the thieves helped themselves to all they could carry. Insurance replaced what we could remember, but never everything, which is why the suggestion above about pictures is an excellent idea. I opt for toolchests. They lock, and are way too heavy to get out of the basement, (I hope).

  8. Simon says:

    My basic problem with pegboards is that often when you grab a tool, the hook falls off or fights you when you try and return a tool. Yes you can get attachments that lock the hooks but at that point you might as well hammer nails into a bit of plywood. For ‘display’, pegboard is nice but for use, a magnetic bar is better (but not the cheap crappy ones)

  9. Manny says:

    For the garage, I prefer a solid work bench accompanied by a well organized pegboard of tools in a heart beat as opposed to expensive bulky tool chests.

    I find any excuse to do work around the house, therefore I’m doing it alot. I can get anything done in my garage with that set up especially with a bench grinder on one side and a vise on the other. Only careless joes with poor work ethic loose their tools. In fact, I find it way easier to see if a tool is missing with pegboard rather than not realizing anything is missing by having it all hidden away in drawers and chests. The fact that it looks nice and impresses visitors is just a bonus, not the purpose. I find practiaclity in it. I’m just defending standard pegboards from the nay sayers.

  10. TJ Williams says:

    Hey Brad Justinen. Looked at your pan tilt head from telescope. Can it be made to pan tilt very slowly for time lapse. Is it arcane or do the controls workeasily?
    Looked at a higher end Meade head for some work we have coming up. would love to pick your brain. please E mail me at tjwilliamstj@hotmail.com
    Hope to hear from you

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