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The Smart Wrench

Sometimes you need a thin wrench, sometimes you need an adjustable wrench, and sometimes you need a wrench that’s both thin and adjustable.  The jaws of the adjustable Smart Wrench from Engineer measure just 1/16″ thick — thin enough to slip into all but the tightest locations. The 6″ long adjustable wrench can accommodate nuts as large as 3/4″.

Grab one Smart Wrench for $28 at Garrett Wade, or two for $50.

Smart Wrench [Engineer]
Smart Wrench [Garrett Wade]


5 Responses to A Slender-Jawed Adjustable Wrench

  1. fred says:

    Made by Engineer Inc. (Futaba Tool – Japan) this is aimed at use on slim nuts used in electronics – but might be useful for other jam nuts as well.

  2. ToolFreak says:

    Or you can make the less expensive version by taking an angle grinder to the jaws of a cheap adjustable wrench.

  3. ambush27 says:

    This could also be used as a cone wrench(for bicycle wheel bearing adjustment).

    I have to wonder if the cheap adjustable wrench would have the same strength though.

  4. fred says:

    Re ambush27 Says:

    Aren’t cone wrenches often used in pairs – and both are usually a bit slimmer than this. I recall Campagnolo cone wrenches being made of some pretty tough steel and being very thin.

  5. drew peacock says:

    Just following on from the discussion above, I do actually use the TWM-03 above as a cone spanner for my bike (it works well). For those living in Europe & baulk at the USA-> Europe postal cost, I got mine in the UK from here…


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