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Palmgren Angle Vise

To drill angled holes, you can tilt your drill press table, but sometimes it’s easier and more precise to use a cradle-style angle vise instead. The head of this particular vise from Palmgren locks at preset stops every 15° from 0° to 90°, simply by inserting an alignment pin.  Set any other angle by removing the alignment pin and hand-tightening the locking mechanism.

Palmgren manufacturers their cradle angle vises from FC25, fine-grain cast iron.  With trapezoidal-thread lead screws, the jaws can clamp with 2,000 lbs of pressure while only deflecting 0.002″. Both jaws plates are replaceable, and the fixed jaw plate’s vertical and horizontal grooves make holding curved items easier.

Palmgren sells two models of their cradle angle vise, a 2-1/2″ vise and a 3-1/2″ vise. The smaller vise sells for $47 and the larger for $101.

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  1. Frank Townend says:

    This particular brand may be over kill for the majority of DIY projects, but the ability to quickly and accurately drill at an angle is welcome. But, I am not implying buying a cheap vise.

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