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Zem Hearing Protection

Sensgard claims the ZEM hearing protection device dampens the loud noise of machinery yet allows you to hear people talking to you, so you don’t have to remove your hearing protection. Instead of using foam or other material to attenuate sound waves, the ZEM directs sound away from the ear.

With the adjustable headband and a weight less than 2 oz, you can wear the ZEM comfortably for long periods. When you’re done for the day, the ZEM folds for easy storage.

Whether you’re at the construction site, at the shooting range, or just trying to drown out the kids playing while you’re trying to read, you can block noise with the ZEM for around $20. It comes in red, orange, blue, and grey.

ZEM Hearing Protection [SensGard]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Orange Via Amazon(B00149DR5G) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]
Grey Via Amazon(B000FEW4GE) [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


8 Responses to ZEM Hearing Protection

  1. DLone says:

    Or, don’t use one of those noise-blasting, air-polluting, gas-wasting blowers in the first place. You don’t need ear protection with a boom or rake.

  2. Vody says:

    These are great! I don’t own a pair, but I got to try out my neighbor’s. They block out all loud noise and let the lower volumed ‘background’ noise in. They would be great while using the circ saw, table saw, jointer, planer, etc.

    With 17 trees on my property, I kinda need to use something like a blower. At least I use an electric one.

  3. DLone:

    It’s kinda ironic that you mis-spelled broom, kinda takes the impact away from your rant.

    Whatever a boom is I’m sure I’d want to wear hearing protection using one.

  4. Don says:

    Our city looked into these once but unfortunately the mfg couldn’t provide the necessary documents to show these met OSHA permissible Noise Reduction Ratings. They’re okay for home use but still, you’ve got something sticking to your ear.

  5. Simon says:

    I have these, they work for me and are far easier to carry in my tools than the regular muffs. Not as big a drop in volume but I am more likely to wear them them when doing those “I could probably use some ear protection but I am too lazy and it’s just for a minute” type jobs. I recommended for “light use” where you kind of want to hear the radio in between cuts.

  6. RandyD says:

    I prefer the “Skull Screw”. They’re lightweight and more comfortable than the foam type. They’ve also got a cross point end making it look like you’ve got a couple of screws poking out of your ears. Our safety shop likes them since we’re not rolling dirt and grime from our fingers onto the foam type and then sticking it in our ear.


  7. Him says:

    Lee Valley’s been selling ’em for ages, but it’s only news now?

  8. Edward111 says:

    I bought this last year. but I stopped using it because it became too uncomfortable. The foam rings don’t last too long as they quickly compress over a short period of time leaving the hard plastic to dig in your ears. This is not meant to be worn all day that’s for sure. For me it’s much quicker to pop on my over-ear muffs than deal with this thing.

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