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When biscuits came out in 1956, they changed woodworkers’ approach to butt joinery. Simply by lining up two separate slots and inserting a glue-covered biscuit, you could join panels easily. Now Lamello, the company that brought us the biscuit, has come out with a new way to join wood: the Fixo biscuit.

Fixo biscuits differ quite a bit from your standard wood biscuit. You don’t cut two holes to use them — you butt two pieces of wood and cut a slot that bridges them, and then hammer in a Fixo biscuit to draw them together. The converging edges on the Fixo biscuit draw the two pieces together, eliminating the need for clamps to hold the joint while the glue sets.

The Fixo works well for joining face frames, where normal biscuits aren’t as useful. But it’s not limited to just those applications — videos on the Lamello website demonstrate other uses for the Fixo.

The Fixo biscuit only came out a few months ago, and it’s not widely available yet in the US. A mixed bag of 80 biscuits in the two different styles averages about $34. Amazon lists them at $28, but they’re out of stock. All in all, it may seem a lot to pay for half-biscuits, but maybe the prices will adjust if they catch on.

Fixo [Lamello]
Fixo [Mike’s Tools]
[Burns Tools]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] (B0010T1CD4) [What’s This?]


One Response to Half A Biscuit Is The Whole Idea

  1. fred says:

    Splines can also be made the old-fashionned way out of wood and applied with some wood glue into kerfs to strengthen mitered joints. Sometimes contrasting wood is used to make the splines stand out in a decorative way.
    This also works on casing – where a spline (rather than finish nails) will strengthen a corner and once the glue sets – make it near impossible for it to move. On high-end hardwood door trim we use splines and a couple of clam clamps (Chestnut Tool Co – or their Hartford near-equivalent) to make up the joints

    Lamello plate (biscuit) jointers are great precise tools (albeit more costly and less flexible than their Porter Cable competition.) From our experience with their tools – I would expect this sytem to be of high quality.

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