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Leightweight Aluminum Snips

If your tin snips start feeling a little heavy, check out a pair of Wiss lightweight aluminum snips. They’ll make straight or curved cuts in light metal, flash, vinyl siding, or rubber. The 3-1/2″ rust-resistant blades will handle materials as tough as 23-gauge, low-carbon steel.

Made from drop-forged aluminum, the 12″ long snips weigh only one pound.  In comparison, Wiss’s A11N snips, a set of standard snips for cutting similar gauge metal, weigh 1-1/2 lbs, sport 2-1/4″ long blades, and measure 9-3/4″ long. Even though the aluminum snips are larger, they still weigh 33% less.

You’ll pay a premium for the lighter pair of snips — $20 to $30 — where a set of A11N snips costs about $15 to $20.

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2 Responses to Wiss Lightweight Aluminum Tin Snips

  1. fred says:

    Malco (most of our siding-specific tools are from this company) makes a similar snips that we use up on ladders:


    On the ground – we do our cutting with Kett electric shears or directly with the Pro-Cutoff on our Port-O Benders. We find that the Kett Fiber-Cement shears also do a decent job on trimming and curved cuts. For heavier gauged (12-10) we break out the bosch nibbler

  2. ned.ludd says:

    Also excellent for keeping around for the family to open that annoying plastic clamshell packaging with…

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